Located in the heart of historic Salamanca, Ment emerges from the emblematic Grand Hotel Don Gregorio as a charming and peaceful space whose elegantly chic ambiance makes it an essential stop on this delightful journey of even the most inquisitive palates.


Ment is the key that opens all doors to let your imagination run wild, creating exceptional experiences with new flavors for you to discover and create unique memories. It is the place where you can expect the unexpected, where the present is the future, and where all flavors and senses flow with abandon.

It is about combining natural, authentic, special and distinct elements to create an extraordinary experience from the very beginning.


Chef Oscar Calleja directs the culinary delights. “MENT is elegance and unparalleled style. A Mayan word in origin, it means: to elaborate, to form, and to create. For me, it is passion and life.” His work speaks for itself in terms of creativity, sensitivity, flavor, freshness and adventure, a combination that leaves no one impartial.


There are many alternatives, but none like Ment.